The Kryptik - Behold Fortress Inferno (2020)


Striking while the iron is hot, Brazilian Black Metal duo The Kryptik follow up their crushing 2019 release with a superbly impressive EP titled “Behold Fortress Inferno”. With nearly 40 minutes of music, this release creates a very sinister symphonic atmosphere paired with hellish shrieks and blistering guitars to deliver one hell of a ride. If you like adorned, raw, and powerful BM, this is one release you can’t miss.

Setting a very cinematic and gothic mood with the album title track’s opening atmospherics, The Kryptik brings back the days of Charmand Grimloch and his Tartaros project. The chilling atmosphere is nicely complemented by the pummeling blast-beats and hellish screams, creating a very intense experience. The brutality continues as “The Plagues of the Abyss” and “Black Legions March” continue to perfectly balance eerie atmospherics, melodic passages, and creepy interludes with pummeling riffing and a pretty aggressive overall pace.

There is also a certain old-school vibe on tracks like “Paths from Eternity” that remind us of early Emperor crossed with a less bombastic Cradle of Filth, creating both ravaging and yet cinematic aural experiences. We are big fans of the slower passages with clean and creepy vocals that this band manages to intermingle in some of their songs. For a duo, this band has one of the most complete and yet polished sounds we have heard.

Closing with a cover of Mayhem’s “Funeral Fog”, the band shows that they can bring into their world other artists creations, and still deliver their signature sound with style. Overall, “Behold Fortress Inferno” is one hell of a release that features long songs that nicely develop at their own pace, unleashing tons of interesting elements and details to discover. At nearly 40 minutes of music, this EP is as fulfilling as most full-length releases we encounter, making it a great value for your money and another killer showing for The Kryptik.

Band: The Kryptik Album: Behold Fortress Inferno

Label: Purity Through Fire

Release: October 30th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Brazil

Rating: 94/100

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