Odiosior - Syvyyksistä (2020)


Unleashing one of the most diverse and engaging ‘traditional’ Black Metal releases in 2020, today we have Odiosior and their multifaceted “Syvyyksistä”. Taking elements from tons of different variants of the genre and wrapping them around a pummelling and frosty superbly raw core, this release changes colors like a chameleon. If you like diverse BM this is one of those releases that feels like a buffet of different flavors.

The release opens with the hyper violent “Viha Minussa” and its bestial onslaughts of shrieks of pain and intense guitars. Some more interesting elements start to appear, like haunting keyboards and funky atmospherics that will play a larger role as the album progresses. With a certain Darkthrone-esque rawness, “Takaisin Kaaokseen” has that playful Punkish sound with crafty drums and catchy passages. On “Laulu Pimeydessä” the band makes keyboards the focal atmospheric point, creating a very engaging and at times chilling song, with a certain horror-movie-like flair.

Darkness falls on this release as “Syvyyksistžä” delivers a tremolo-picking induced frightfest with sinister atmospherics and craft tempo changes. For those looking for more traditional and yet in-your-face BM, tracks like “Kaipaus” and “Olen Myrkkyžä” deliver punishing onslaughts of brutality while keeping the mood tense with highly atmospheric and melodic passages. As you have read, this release is hard to fully categorize as tons of cool elements keep appearing as the album progresses.

Closing with the brutal “Sotaan”, this Finnish band has managed to make the Black Metal sound that is traditionally ‘predictable’ into a very tense and atmospheric amalgamation of crafty elements. Ranging from melodic, to atmospheric, but always raw and incisive, the tracks in this release create a very unique aural journey, showcasing the skills of Odiosior. Highly recommended release for those of us that love exploratory ideas mixed with raw and frosty BM.

Band: Odiosior Album: Syvyyksistä

Label: Purity Through Fire

Release: October 31st, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 92/100

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