Void Paradigm - Ultime Pulsation | Demain Brûle (2020)


Perfectly crafted for those of us that like funky Black Metal with tons of unique and at times bonkers elements, Void Paradigm prepares to unleash: “Ultime Pulsation | Demain Brûle”. In this 38+ minute release, the band presents two songs that create very unique atmospheres and are full of intricate little details to discover. Highly recommended for fans of bands like Ved Buens Ende and Ephel Duath.

The release kicks off with side A, “Ultime Pulsation”, a chilling song that slowly builds up to a very chaotic catharsis and a hefty dosage of creepy atmospherics and stern vocals. With incisive and punishing riffs flanking the hellish vocals of Jonathan Théry, the release instantly induces anxiety upon the unsuspecting listener. We particularly enjoy how the crafty tempo changes and funky drum patterns shape how the song unravels to the listener while creating some interesting and subtle instrumental passages.

Taking an even crazier tone, “Demain Brûle” slowly builds up from weeping guitars into doomier territories with deep growls. From there on, the track turns into a bizarre and yet captivating weird tempos with a very playful edge and tons of aggression. Just when you think you have the track figured out… the mood changes once more creating a slower and even more sickening pace, with chilling vocals and crafty dissonance.

Overall, this two track behemoth of a release has tons of crafty elements to discover and explore over repeated plays. As always, Avantgarde Music continues to push the boundaries of Metal with yet another killer release from this unique entity. If you like weird and yet punishing music, Void Paradigm is one of those bands that you need to be listening to.

Band: Void Paradigm Album: Ultime Pulsation | Demain Brûle

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: November 6th, 2020

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Genre: Experimental/Avantgarde Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 93/100

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