Epitimia - Allusion (2020)


Crafting a very unique and cinematic Post-Black Metal experience, today we have Russia’s Epitimia and their latest opus: “Allusion”. Featuring seven tracks and nearly one hour of extremely crafty and well engineered music, this release has a little bit of everything. Not going down the same path of most Post-Black Metal bands, this outfit focuses on creating a brutal experience that manages slower and melancholic passages quite efficiently.

After a lush opening, “Clue I: Animist” delivers blistering harsh vocals alongside intense guitars creating a hash but intriguing atmosphere. Weaving back and forth between melodic interludes and aggressive passages, this track sets a very engaging mood. After a punishing opening, “Clue II: Melancholia I” hones in on more melancholic and intricate territories with some more experimental and seemingly free-form sections near its end.

With a more mellow mood at times bordering in the Suicidal/Depressive BM territories, “Clue III: Waiting for the Doom” shifts the tide of this release into more contemplative reals. The mixture of elements like dreamy folky passages (“Clue IV: I Aspire Like a Bird”), anxiety inducing shrieks of pain (“Clue V: Altered State of Consciousness”), and jazzy elements (“Clue VI: Schizophrenia”), create a very unique and intense signature sound for this band.

Culminating with the chaotic and yet brilliant “Clue VII: Post Scriptum”, the band makes a statement to their originality and creativity behind “Allusion”. As a whole, this album explores multiple moods and facets to a very crafty and unique band. If you like Post-Black Metal with tons of extra experimental elements, and a very deep sense of melancholy, Epitimia has unleashed one of the best albums you can find for this.

Band: Epitimia Album: Allusion

Label: Onism Productions

Release: October 23rd, 2020

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Genre: Post-Black Metal

Country: Russia

Rating: 94/100

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