Boreal - The Battle of VOSAD (2020)


Atmospheric Black Metal is one of those genres where bands can either deliver excellent and chilling releases or just completely shit the bed. Luckily for us, Boreal’s debut full-length release “The Battle of VOSAD” is quite good, providing a solid experience to the listener. For fans of bands like Limbonic Art or Mysticum, this release creates a haunting and yet magical vibe.

Opening with the lush intro of “The Battle”, the band sets a very regal and fantasy-like ambiance before hitting the listener with a Mysticum-esque Industrial-ish sounding Black Metal with powerful vocals and solid riffs. The drums, which sound more like programmed drums, but you never know these days as software has gotten quite good, set a very martial and hypnotic pace, keeping the atmospheric elements flowing effectively and elegantly.

Things get more intense with “The Battle II” and “Dawn”, creating a very unique atmosphere that reminds us of the Russian outfit Frozen Ocean. Alongside the futuristic atmospherics, the pace of these tracks is a bit faster while creating some contrast with nice purely atmospheric interludes. Closing with the powerful “Dusk”, we get crafty blast-beats with eerie atmospherics, creating a punishing mixture.

Boreal’s music is quite nicely crafted as their sound is both intense and yet lush and elegant. Focusing more on the atmospheric part, the listener is treated to a very unique release that crafts a delicate aural journey. Yes, there are heavy guitars and fast drums, but “The Battle of VOSAD” feels like a lot more than your typical run of the mill atmospheric BM release.

Band: Boreal Album: The Battle of VOSAD

Label: Art of Propaganda

Release: October 31st, 2020

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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 92/100

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