Bergeton - Miami Murder (2020)


A bit outside of our regular reviewing domain, today we have electronic music project Bergeton and their debut release “Miami Murder”. Formed by Morten Bergeton Iversen (Teloch) from Nidingr and Mayhem fame, this one-man outfit crafts a unique mixture of video game-like music with more traditional electronic elements, and of course some heavy distorted guitars thrown into the mix. If you are the type of Metal head that enjoys Ulver and similar outfits, then this release will certainly appeal to you.

Kicking off with the hypnotic “Arabian Nights”, “Depeche Load, and “Fort Apache Marina”, we are instantly transported to the times of 8-bit music from Nintendo and old-school computer games. However, Bergeton adorns this style with more lush and rich electronic elements to these tracks and some nice ripping guitars to the former track. The playful nature of the music is quite engaging and far from linear, tracks like “Lambo” have a cohesive and yet differential feeling to them, keeping the album interesting and fresh.

Aside from its flashy aesthetics and comic-book like artwork, tracks like “Miami Murder” and “Natasha K.G.B” really evoke that Miami Vice/GTA vibe, giving the release a very well-rounded packaging. For those fans of Knight Rider, “The Demon” will bring back some interesting memories of your youth. While the cyber-goth vibe of “Valley of Death” rounds up this unique and engaging release quite well.

If you go looking for Metal and heaviness, you won’t find much of it here. However, if you have an open mind and want to immerse yourself in a very well crafted and lush retro experience, “Miami Murder” is one hell of an album to do that. Bergeton is clearly a very unique and different outlet for Teloch, and it is one definitely worth checking out.

Band: Bergeton Album: Miami Murder

Label: Self-Released

Release: October 15th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Electronic

Country: Norway

Rating: 91/100

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