Slagmark - Radical Malice (2020)


Behind a crushing debut release, there is usually an equally inspired and punishing demo. With “Radical Malice”, Germany’s Slagmark showcases their relentless and grim approach to Black Metal that nicely transferred into their brilliant “Purging Sacred Soils” debut full-length. Now being released through Purity Through Fire, this demo unleashes nearly 20 minutes of raw and uncompromising old-school Black Metal filled with buzzsaw-like incisive guitars and hellish shrieks.

Opening with the ravaging “Behold the Raging Darkness”, the band sets a very hectic mood with bustling riffs and precise drumming. The screams are typical of such releases, but nicely round up the band’s raw and blistering aural approach. The demo title track continues the furious onslaught with another intense track filled with vicious guitars and a very desolate vibe, just perfect for unruly headbanging.

Changing the pace a bit, “Loathing Spreads” continues the brutality while “Hate Redemption” unleashes one last hurra before the release ends. As a whole, “Radical Malice” is one hell of an intense demo that showcases Slagmark’s beginnings as an unreckonable force. If you like furious Black Metal with that grainy production from the 90’s, look no further and get a copy of this beast of a release.

Band: Slagmark Album: Radical Malice

Label: Purity Through Fire

Release: October 30th, 2020

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 92/100

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