Six Feet Under - Nightmares of the Decomposed (2020)


In the last few years we stopped writing bad reviews, as we receive more promos than we can write about, we pick our battles and only write about the good stuff. However, sometimes, there comes a release so terrible that we are just pissed about having listened to it, and want to vent about it. Today the honor belongs to Six Feet Under and their latest ‘effort’ “Nightmares of the Decomposed”. While we loved the band in their heyday… like 10-15 years ago, their quality of their latest albums has gradually decreased.

The album starts with one of the salvageable tracks in this release with “Amputator”, while nothing revolutionary, it captures the band’s old-school ferocity and catchiness. The sluggish “Zodiac” delivers some of the most dubious vocals in this release as they just sound completely uninspired alongside grungy riffs. The album continues on a downward spiral until the terrible “The Noose” comes along, delivering one of the most boring and badly crafted songs we have heard in quite a while, even though it has some nice heavy riffs, Chris Barnes sounds completely bored in an attempt to rhyme.

Some moments are still decent, like the opening of “Blood of the Zombie”, the catchiness of “Drink Blood Get High”, minus the dumb lyrics, and the cruchy guitars and great leads of the closer “Without Your Life”. As a whole, “Nightmares of the Decomposed” could have been a mediocre instrumental release, but with the terrible vocals it gets downgraded to just another bad album. Even after multiple spins this release just didn’t measure up to the band’s earlier efforts.

Band: Six Feet Under Album: Nightmares of the Decomposed

Label: Metal Blade Records

Release: October 2nd, 2020

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Genre: Death/Groove Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 50/100

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