Sulphur Sun - Placodemic Heraldry (2020)


Hailing from Switzerland, today we have Sulphur Sun and their very interesting EP titled “Placodemic Heraldry”. Featuring a weird amalgamation of Death Metal with progresisve/technical DM elements, this release delivers a very promising 10 minute teaser for a uniquely weird band. If you like weird music that is both crafty and a bit chaotic, this is the EP for you.

Opening with the madness inducing “The Temple of Dunkleosteus”, the band delivers intricate riffs, hellish vocal arrangements ranging from hypnotic throat singing to growls, and a very playful drum track. The band’s style is instantly hard to categorize as the song goes over multiple moods and styles. The chaos continues with the sinister “Trilobite Thief”, featuring some Satyricon-esque sounding guitars and more blistering drumming and odd tempo changes, all working in strange unison.

As a small teaser, “Placodemic Heraldry” shows a very interesting and unique musical proposition from Sulphur Sun. While many bands are trying to copy each other, it is quite refreshing to hear outfits like this one, completely creating their own unique path. If you like bands like Dysrhythmia or Ephel Duath, you will love this one.

Band: Sulphur Sun Album: Placodemic Heraldry

Label: Self-Released

Release: October 30th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Technical/Progressive Death Metal

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 88/100

changes, all working in strange unison.


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