Morwinyon - Pristine (2020)


Featuring members of Falaise, Morwinyon is an Italian outfit crafting soothing Atmospheric Black Metal tunes in the same vein as Saor and similar bands. With “Pristine”, the band unleashes nearly 40 minutes of atmospheric brilliance divided into four powerful tracks. While this genre is getting a lot of competition in the last few years, bands like this one clearly stand out from the rest thanks to their creative musical ideas and excellent execution.

The release opens with the dreamy “The Intangible Void”, a song filled with mystical synths and a good dosage of incisive riffs. The atmospheric components are a bit overpowering in the production of this release, but they still allow the ‘heavier’ elements to shine as this mid-tempo track unleashes a good amount of harsh screams alongside the very hypnotic vibe. “Sea of ​​Stars” takes a more dramatic and darker turn with crafty drumming and some very solemn and effective passages that provide respite from the overpowering atmosphere, similar to what is found on releases by Lustre.

The album’s mood shifts into a more introspective and ethereal one with the lush “Wounded Land”, a very soothing piece that provides a nice combination of dream-like soundscapes and melodic guitar work, that culminate in a very powerful and cathartic way. Closing with “Ethereal Night”, Morwinyon eases the listener back into reality with a dramatic instrumentation and an uplifting vibe. Overall, “Pristine” is a delicate release that is full of atmosphere and expertly crafted melodies that are hard to forget. If you like dreamy music that is both aggressive and well crafted, look no further and get this release.

Band: Morwinyon Album: Pristine

Label: Naturmatch Productions

Release: Septmeber 25th, 2020

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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 92/100

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