Blood Red Fog - Fields of Sorrow (2020)


Creating a very punishing and miserable aural experience, today we have Finland’s Blood Red Fog and their very aptly titled “Fields of Sorrow” release. With a vibe similar to bands like Mortualia, this release unleashes over 50 minutes of exciting Black Metal with tons of experimental atmospheric elements and a very demoralizing mood. Only for masochists, this release will turn any day into a bleak ordeal.

The hypnotic “Before The Cold Light” sets a very trippy metaphysical mood that is instantly ravaged by the blistering BM onslaughts of “Gallows Poles and Shallow Graves”. With such a fierce tempo change, the band delivers a punishing blow with brutal guitars and hyper fast drumming, we love these types of contrasts. The depressive mode of “Abode of Shadows” gives you that certain Doomy vibe that perfectly blends with BM harshness, creating an immersive wallowing experience, this brilliant misery bleeds into the eerie “Ever-Returning Genocide”.

The band’s weird atmospheric experimentation on the interlude “Mustaan Uneen” nicely bleeds into the blistering “Mustasta Unesta”, creating a very creepy and yet brutal mood. The most straightforward track in this release has to be the excellent “Fields of Sorrow” and its epic guitar riffs, that deliver firm aggression on top of subtle psychedelic synths, creating a very unique balance between light and darkness.

Closing with “Gray Steppes”, the band delivers an enigmatic conclusion to this very crafty and yet brutal release. Blending both brilliant atmospheric elements and the traditional rawness of Finnish Black Metal, Blood Red Fog manages to craft one hell of a punishing release that needs more than a few spins to be fully digested. If you like your music to be creepy, atmospheric, and totally savage, “Fields of Sorrow” is one album you can’t miss out on.

Band: Blood Red Fog Album: Fields of Sorrow

Label: Deviant Records

Release: February 7th, 2020

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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 92/100

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