Uada - Djinn (2020)


Unleashing what is most likely the most explosive and melodic Black Metal release of 2020, today we have Uada and their third full-length release “Djinn”. Slowly refining their craft over time and gathering wide acclaim over the last few years, this North American outfit delivers almost 60 minutes of non-stop high-octane music that will have people headbanging from start to finish. If you like bands like Mgła, Pilorian, Inquisition, etc. you will love this exciting release.

Opening the release with the album title track, the band sets a relentless pace with superbly catchy riffs and a very engaging and energetic vibe. The dual guitar attack of James Sloan and Jake Superchi, works magically as their intensity and craftiness is quickly evident, creating a very powerful mood and the perfect environment for furious headbanging, as shown in the opener and the blistering “The Great Mirage”. Other tracks like “No Place Here”, show a mellower and yet still incisive side to the band’s superbly melodic musical approach.

With that furious Dissection vibe, “In the Absence of Matter”, the band perfectly blends melody with aggression, thanks to the precise drumming of Josiah Babcock, and the brilliant production that allows every single instrument to be well defined and balanced. The mixture of vocal styles adds an extra dimension to the band’s music, allowing for different moods to be created. Our favorite track is the mysterious “Forestless” and its crafty dreamy opening and hypnotic instrumental passages that suddenly transform into all-out chaos and brutality with blistering riffing, intense drumming, and an overall oppressive aggression.

Closing up this magical tour-de-force release, “Between Two Worlds” delivers a balance between atmospheric chops, more brilliant melodic passages, alongside cavernous sections and a very dramatic and hyper awesome closing few minutes. Overall, “Djinn” shows a band at the top of their game having fun and creating excellent music. Paired with an excellent production, this album sounds like a million bucks when played very loud. Guitar-driven Melodic Black Metal does not get any better than this, so pick up a copy and start headbanging to Uada’s latest masterpiece.

Band: Uada Album: Djinn

Label: Eisenwald

Release: September 25th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Melodic Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 93/100

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