Myridian- Light in the Abyss (2020)


Keeping the flame alive of Melodic Death/Doom Metal releases, today we have Australia’s Myridian and their killer third full-length release “Light in the Abyss”. Reminiscing of bands like October Tide, In Mourning, etc., this release delivers nearly 70 minutes of highly melancholic music filled with crafty guitars, lush atmospherics, and firm growls. We have no idea how this release made it to our inbox, but we are quite intoxicated by it.

Creating a fully immersive aural experience, “Light is Lost” starts with waves of melodic riffs, harsh vocals and a very mellow tempo that creates a highly melancholic vibe. The playful guitar leads and crafty instrumental passages nicely lead the way to the faster pace of “Nidellavir”, a track that includes some proggy experimental elements paired with solemn clean vocals. Keeping the melancholic vibe going, “Babylon” delivers a classical Death/Doom approach with contrasting vocal styles and firm riffing.

As we get to “The Poet”, the band develops lush atmospheric elements to keep things interesting, alongside a nice piano interlude that nicely blends into chaotic drumming and weeping guitar leads. This and “The Roots, the Rats, and the Raven” are our favorite tracks in the release, particularly thanks to the additional female vocals on the later song.

Saving two of the heavier songs for the end, “Black Wind” and “One with the Abyss” deliver that closing heat that many releases are missing these days. Overall, “Light in the Abyss” is a very solid release that perfectly balances aggression with melancholy and melody. While many albums of nearly 70 minutes of duration might get repetitive and dull, Myridian does a great job keeping the listener engaged with their craftiness and creativity. If you are looking for a good headbanging session with melodic Death/Doom Metal, it does not get better than this album in 2020.

Band: Myridian Album: Light in the Abyss

Label: Self-Released

Release: July 3rd, 2020

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Genre: Melodic Death/Doom Metal

Country: Australia

Rating: 91/100

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