Tomorrow’s Rain - Hollow (2020) Review


All the way from Israel, today we have a very unique and star-studded Death/Doom Metal release titled “Hollow”. With nearly 52 minutes of music, Tomorrow’s Rain's ambitious release pays off as they complement their very traditional sound with the talents of their guest musicians, creating one of the most powerful and refined releases of the genre. If you like melancholic Death/Doom Metal, it surely can’t get any better than this in 2020.

The release kicks off with the mood setting and mysterious “Trees”, a song that slowly builds up to the typical commanding Doom riffs and excellent growls. Featuring Aaron Stainthrope of My Dying Bride, “Fear” sets a darker tone with lush atmospherics, dramatic clean vocal arrangements, and crafty drumming. The only track that does not feature guests is “A Year I Would Like To Forget”, which allows you to actually get a feel for the band’s excellent melancholic sound and solid instrumentation.

One of the album’s best songs has to be “In The Corner Of A Dead End”, which features none other than Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost), Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) and Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land) as guests, delivering a very cool retro 90’s Death/Doom vibe. In “Misery Rain” we get Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell) and Mikko Kotamaki (Swallow The Sun) handling some vocals, while the track’s atmospheric elements are quite playful and enjoyable. Changing the pace a bit, “Into The Mouth Of Madness” delivers some clearly identifiable guitar leads by Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy) and additional vocals by Kobi Farhi, creating a more relaxed and lively vibe.

As we close with the dramatic “Hollow” and the stand-out “The Weeping Song”, we are left quite satisfied by the quality of the music presented in the release. All the guest appearances are perfectly blended into the band’s musical core, but also leave us wondering if the release didn’t have any guests, would Tomorrow’s Rain be any different from other bands in the genre. While the musical quality and compositional skills are here, the personalities of the extra musicians greatly diminish the focus on the band’s actual music. We do have to say that this is an excellent release, and hopefully the band shows more of themselves in the future.

Band: Tomorrow’s Rain Album: Hollow

Label: Art of Propaganda

Release: Septmeber 11th, 2020

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Genre: Dark/Death/Doom Metal

Country: Israel

Rating: 94/100

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