Ages - Uncrown (2020)


Featuring a truly captivating and engaging Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal sound, today we have Sweden’s Ages and their sophomore release “Uncrown”. In the intense 42 minutes of music of this release, the band gives us a bit of a nod to the past of the genre, while crafting nine extremely catchy and effective songs. If you like bands of the caliber of Dissection, Naglfar, Keep of Kalessin, etc., you will love this band.

Opening with the hectic “Burn Them”, the band instantly creates a very high-paced tempo that gives us a bit of a certain Vreid/Windir vibe as the crafty guitars and harsh vocals are introduced. The band continues their high-octane approach with the devilish “Illicit State” and its dramatic atmospherics. We are particularly loving the head banging fest incited by the superbly melodic passages of “Herolds of Enslavement”.

Those looking for a more epic and folky vibe, “A Hollow Tomb” delivers in droves, while “Dominionism” and “Undivine” delivers waves of superbly crafted riffing and drum patterns, creating a very powerful atmosphere. Tracks like “Uncrown” deliver nice mid-tempo passages with epic atmospheric arrangements that are quite melodic, an yet aggressive thanks to Hvergelmer’s BM snarl. Other pieces like the dramatic “The Death of Kings of Old”, are just a Melodic Metal wet dream thanks to its very well composed tempo changes and lush arrangements.

Overall, Ages has managed to release one of the standout Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal releases of 2020. Purely guitar driven and nicely adorned by atmospheric elements, the tracks in this release are both epic, crafty, and highly memorable. We are quite surprised we never heard of this band before, and will be digging up their 2015 debut release to enjoy.

Band: Ages Album: Uncrown

Label: Black Lodge Records

Release: August 21st, 2020

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Genre: Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 93/100

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