Selbst - Relatos de Angustia (2020)


Unleashing one hell of a demoralizing onslaught, today we have Selbst with their sophomore full-length release “Relatos de Angustia”. Featuring the band’s characteristically savage sound, this release shows that their debut album was no fluke and that the band is quickly pushing up the Black Metal ranks with their intense and high-quality sound. Slowly building up their underground reputation and sound overtime, Selbst is ready to unleash their black arts to the wider audience through Debemur Morti Productions.

The opener, “Praeludium”, immediately transitions from cavernous atmospherics to completely sinister Black Metal riffs in a very moody tempo. Oozing melancholy and malice, this track sets a very punishing mood that is only exacerbated by the rest of this release, on blistering tracks like “Deafening Wailing of the Desperate Ones” and “The Depths of Selfishness”, both filled with ravaging guitar riffs, hyperfast drums and a very vicious edge.

Getting more vicious and yet with subtle hints of melody, tracks like “Silent Soul Throes” showcase the sheer power of Selbst. The massive wall of intense guitars is a perfect backdrop for the hellish vocals, now handled by N himself, and the crafty and playful drums recorded by Nebiros Sad for this release. Not providing a single moment to breathe, the onslaught continues with the whirlwind “The Weight of Breathing” and “Sculpting the Dirtiness of its Existence”, with their well added clean vocal passages, providing a nice contrast from the intense brutality and rawness of these songs.

As the release comes to a close with “Let the Pain Run Through”, we are quite impressed by how Selbst delivered on the impossibly high expectations from their debut release. Further refining their sound and even adding extra layers of brutality and intensity, “Relatos de Angustia” is one punishing release that keeps hitting back from beginning to end. If you are looking for THE Black Metal album of 2020, look no further and get a copy of this one.

Band: Selbst Album: Relatos de Angustia

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Release: August 7th, 2020

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Chile

Rating: 97/100

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