Aleynmord - The Blinding Light (2020)


Unleashing a behemoth filled with creativity and interesting ideas, today we have Aleynmord and their 35-minute opus “The Blinding Light”. Creating a very unsettling and yet experimental atmosphere, this four track release explores the depth of hell with unique crafted chaotic passages that are elegantly contrasted by rich instrumental interludes. If you are looking for a combination of Elend with a heavier side and less arrangements, this release is the one for you.

Setting a very mysterious and dissonant opening, “Spores of Possession” slowly builds through intricate guitars and harrowing vocals. After plateauing, the track dwells in weirdly calming acoustic explorations reminding us of bands like Urfaust and The Ruins of Beverast. As “Wounded Monolith” enshrouds the listener with its unique atmosphere, dramatic guitar leads and doomy melodic passages build up the track. Just when you think you have the band figured out, lush clean vocals and even more cathartic moments will sneak up on you.

Giving us a certain Anathema-esque vibe, “The Blinding Light” is a nice experimental atmospheric piece that changes the whole mood of the album, but still showcases the band’s thirst for musical exploration. Saving the best for last, “Poetry of Marrow and Rot” is ready to induce misery upon its listeners, thanks to a very Austere-like vibe. This is certainly one hell of a unique track with a powerful atmosphere and a razor sharp focus.

Overall, “The Blinding Light” is one powerful and unique release. While the majority of the elements here are traditional Atmospheric Black Metal, there is plenty of playful experimentation to be discovered in Aleynmord’s sound. If you are always looking for fresh takes on BM and lean to like the Atmospheric/Post/Suicidal subgenres, this release should definitely be in your collection.

Band: Aleynmord Album: The Blinding Light

Label: Art of Propaganda

Release: August 28th, 2020

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Genre: Experimental/Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Austria

Rating: 93/100

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