Noctem Aeternus - Landscape of Discord (2020)


Having full creative control, one-man projects usually deliver very focused and highly cohesive music, today we have Noctem Aeternus and his sophomore release “Landscape of Discord”. Unraveling over 55 minutes of lush music, we are in awe of the quality and creativity presented in this release. While we will always love one-man projects like Unreqvited and Violet Cold, this one catapults itself to the first three spots on our list with this release.

After lifting our spirits and expectation with the magical “Invocation”, the band leads into the lavish atmospherics of “Those Who Shall Perish” paired with superb drumming and very emotional shireks. The release continues with the ravaging “Coming Home, Twilight”, another mid-tempo onslaught filled with lush arrangements and very well crafted moments of sheer intensity. While many one-man bands rely on plenty of samples and synths, this release includes mostly live instruments, adding clarity to an already epic package.

For those looking into more hypnotic and doomier territories, “Necromancy” is one of those songs that creates a perfectly tempered sinister vibe thanks to its intricate tempo changes and imposing atmosphere. Bringing back that 90’s melodic/symphonic Black Metal vibe of bands like Limbonic Art, but with an extra level of dramatism and lushness, “For Those Who Did Not Succeed” is one of our favorite tracks in this release. The progression of “Solstice in the Dark” showcases the band’s knack for brutality perfectly masqueraded in dramatic melodic interludes.

Closing with another very imposing instrumental piece, “Landscape of Discord” is one of those releases that transports the listener into exotic and very epic adventures. While the lushness of the music is pretty much the first thing to notice on this release, the retro core Black Metal elements are what makes this release quite special and engaging. If you only have money for one Atmospheric Black Metal release this month, acquiring this album will be money well spent.

Band: Noctem Aeternus Album: Landscape of Discord

Label: Naturmacht Productions

Release: July 2nd, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Argentina

Rating: 93/100

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