Assignment - Reflections (2020)


After receiving what seems to be hundreds of Black Metal albums every week, it is quite refreshing we get some solid Progressive Metal from Germany with Assignment. As the band’s fifth full-length release, “Reflections” delivers nearly one hour of polished music filled with soaring vocal melodies and crafty instrumentation. Flying under the radar in North America, this band has some serious musical chops and they should get more exposure with this excellent release.

Following a dramatic instrumental opener, “Merciful Angel” showcases the band firing on all cylinders right off the gate. Pairing intricate drum patterns, powerful guitar riffs and the signature vocals of Diego Valdez, this track crafts a high-octane pace that never slows down as the band pummels through “Obsession” and “Corporate Men”. On the album title track we get a very powerful ballad-esque piece with a superb vocal duet and lush atmospheric enhancements, changing the pace of the album and providing a window into the band’s musical depth.

Sliding into the second ‘wave’ of this release, “Submission” and “Timeline” clearly show the band’s technical proficiencies with intricate guitar passages and dramatic symphonic arrangements, creating a very epic and overall lively vibe. We particularly loved “Endlessly” and its playful instrumental passages that are nicely contrasted by emotional vocals and intricate tempo changes, similar to “Unknown Hero”, but less video game-ish.

Overall, “Reflections” is a solid release that delivers tons of epic Progressive Metal moments with some Power Metal hints here and there. With nearly one hour of music, this album offers a good bang for your buck in terms of replay value and enjoyment. If you are looking for your Progressive Metal fix, the Assignment is a band to keep an ear out for.

Band: Assignment Album: Reflections

Label: Massacre Records

Release: August 21st, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Progressive Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 91/100

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