Convocation - Ashes Coalesce (2020)


Unleashing a tectonic plate shifting release, today we have Finland’s Convocation and their sophomore release “Ashes Coalesce”. Giving a modern edge to the timeless Funeral Death/Doom Metal genre, this duo delivers one of the most intense and intricate releases we have heard in 2020. Perfect for fans of Mournful Congregation, Dark Buddha Rising, and Waste of Space Orchestra, this release will rock your world from start to end.

Featuring Marko Neuman of Dark Buddha Rising/Waste of Space Orchestra fame on vocals, the release starts with the intense “Martyrise”. For over 12 minutes, this track delivers a web of intricate tempo changes and an onslaught of weird and sinister vocal styles, creating a very chaotic and cavernous feeling. The release turns to doomier and more ‘traditional’ territories with the mournful “The Absence of Grief”, a 13-minute beast that delivers solemn atmospheric elements and crushing riffs paired with Marko's deep and piercing growls.

If you think things could not get slower and more painful (in a good way), “Misery Form” delivers the perfect soundtrack for a journey to the depths of hell thanks to the versatile vocals and the dissonant music. We are particularly impressed by the mixture of clean sultry female vocals into the mix, as they create a very sinister and ritualistic feeling. Closing with the bleak “Portal Closer”, we are left disarmed by how emotionally charged and magical this song is.

Overall, “Ashes Coalesce” delivers one swift punch to the human spirit with its gargantuan riffs and powerful vocal arrangements. Not sticking to one single genre, Convocation nicely gives modern touches to one of our favorite styles of music and still delivers one monumentally emotional release. If you are a fan riff and atmosphere heavy releases, this is one of the best albums for you in 2020.

Band: Convocation Album: Ashes Coalesce

Label: Everlasting Spew Records

Release: June 20th, 2020

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Genre: Funearal Death/Doom Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 95/100

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