Ensiferum - Thalassic (2020)


Delivering a perfect balance of speedy Epic Power/Folk Metal ballads and and folky moody pieces, Ensifeum returns with “Thalassic”. Adding extra depth to their signature sound, the band hedges a bit more into Power Metal territories while keeping their lively and upbeat style for nearly 50 minutes. Perfectly in sync with their earlier releases, this album propels the band’s sound into new territories and pleases fans with intense and engaging songs.

Setting a very epic mood with “Seafarer's Dream”, the band goes full speed with the intense “Rum, Women, Victory”, which features a bit of a Children of Bodom-esque sound mixed in with their traditional blistering melodies and crafty instrumentation. The clean vocals on “Andromeda” really give it a slighter Power Metal edge, greatly elevating this catchy and awesome song to new levels. The same can be said for “The Defense of the Sampo”, which has a certain Stratovarius meets Ensiferum vibe.

In a traditional Ensiferum manner, “Run from the Crushing Tide” is our favorite track in this release thanks to its epic combination of soaring vocal arrangements, intense drumming, and very subtle and yet effective atmospheric keyboards. For those looking into more ‘power-ballad’-styled songs, “For Sirens” and the epic “One with the Sea” are two very mellow tracks that showcase the band’s diversity and versatile song writing skills.

As the release winds down with the superbly folky “Midsummer Magic” and the highly emotional “Cold Northland”, we are left in awe as to how much we enjoyed this release the more time we listened to it. With a superbly epic vibe from start to end, “Thalassic” is another masterpiece from Ensiferum. The band does not compromise their classic sound by adding new elements and expanding it with some experimentation, making this release one of their best to date.

Band: Ensiferum Album: Thalassic

Label: Metal Blade Records

Release: July 10th, 2020

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Genre: Folk/Power Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 95/100

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