Powerwolf - Best Of The Blessed (2020)


Celebrating their 15 years of existence (in 2019) Powerwolf delivers the perfect compendium of their best songs and live renditions. Not settling for the traditional ‘best of’ album, the band made new versions of some of their greatest hits like “Resurrection by Erection” and “We Drink Your Blood”, giving something extra for collectors and fans alike. Never having played (and refused along the way) in the USA, this is one hell of a band with excellent music that no fan of Power/Symphonic Metal should miss out on.

Opening with a new version of our favorite song, “We Drink Your Blood”, we noticed a slightly polished edge and an even more bombastic nature to this epic song. The band’s sound has greatly been refined over the years, making it more explosive and lush, and the new versions of songs like “Werewolves of Armenia”, “Saturday Satan”, and the classic “Resurrection by Erection” , are brilliantly enhanced to give you the chills the band delivers on their live performances.

The second disk features some live recordings of their signature songs during their European Wolfsnächte 2018 tour. As you can hear from these renditions, the band’s sound is quite dynamic and massive on-stage. Their stage presence is also very theatrical and engaging, having seen the band live multiple times and most recently at Summer Breeze 2018, we can say that these audio recordings capture their perfect live execution, but still miss the band’s explosiveness and how the crowds react to them.

If you spring for the Earbook or LP Box version, you are even treated to four extra live tracks which includes additional versions of “Sanctified With Dynamite” and “Let There Be Night”. Overall, this massive package is the perfect introduction for such a prolific and exciting band, if you have never heard of them before. For die-hard fans that have never seen the band live, the live disc will get you even more upset about the band not playing in North America. Regardless of the category you fall on, “Best Of The Blessed” is still one hell of a release that you will be playing over and over for days to come.

Band: Powerwolf Album: Best Of The Blessed

Label: Napalm Records

Release: July 3rd, 2020

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Genre: Power/Symphonic Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 93/100

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