MIGHT - MIGHT (2020)


Blending a plethora of genres, today we have MIGHT and their brilliant self-titled release. Unleashing a barrage of massive guitar riffs and combining influences from High on Fire to Chelsea Wolfe, this release will have you worshiping the band’s creativity and distortion levels in just a few songs. With over 35 minutes of music, the nine tracks presented here develop a very warm and fuzzy sound for this duo that is quite engaging and hard to stop listening to.

Leading the listener with the mysterious and post-rock-ish “Introduce Yourself”, this duo unleashes their full force with the furious guitar and drumming opening of “Pollution of Mind”. This is all abruptly changed into a more traditional Doom/Sludge drawl with meaty guitars, crafty tempo changes, and the sultry vocals of Ana Muhi. The band’s musical core is simple and yet quite effective, particularly in crafty songs like the hypnotic “Vampire” and the crushing “Possession” with waves of intricate bass guitar notes and pummeling riffs.

With an eerie Dark/Doom Folk vibe, “Warlight” is one of our favorite tracks in this release thanks to the very desolate and nifty atmosphere created. For those of us looking to keep going down the rabbit hole, “Weirdo Waltz” and “Flight of Fancy” turn the mood darker and more exploratory, giving us some hints of Chelsea Wolfe, Ides of Gemini, and Jex Thoth along the way, while “Mrs. Poise” aims to create a very martial and creepy vibe.

Perfectly rounding up the release, “Zero” bakes in all their influences into a very moody and intense track. If you are a fan of Doom/Sludge and a subscriber to the power of the riff, MIGHT is one of those bands that you will be seeing at Roadburn in a few years thanks to their intricate musical compositions and raw talent. So waste no more time and get yourself an LP copy of this excellent release.

Band: MIGHT Album: MIGHT

Label: Exile on Mainstream

Release: July 17th, 2020

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Genre: Experimental/Doom/Sludge Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 93/100

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