Deeper Graves - Open Roads (2020)


Unleashing a big glob of darkness, Alternative/Gothic/Post-Punk one-man unit Deeper Graves delivers their debut release “Open Roads”. From the mind of Jeff Wilson (Chrome Waves, ex-Nachtmystium), this release features nearly 40 minutes of superbly atmospheric and depressive music. While not really ‘traditional’ Metal, this album is still heavy in atmosphere and very enigmatic. For fans of Katatonia, Nick Cave, Sisters of Mercy, and Kayo Dot.

The release slowly unravels with the bleak “Final Divide” and its haunting clean vocals paired with sublime string instruments and an eerie tempo. This sinister aural exploration continues with the dreamy guitars of “Leave This World”, the Post-Punk/Gothic Rock vibe of “Ode to War”, and the enigmatic percussions of “Open Arms” and its shoegazy approach. As you can read, every track is a unique experience that perfectly blends genres while creating a very dense and emotional atmosphere, unique to Deeper Graves.

With the addition of creepy female vocals, “Last Transmission” delivers an exhilarating hypnotic experience that nicely progresses thanks to heavy distorted guitars, lush atmospherics, and a very well crafted tempo. Closing with the dramatic “In Memoriam”, the listener is slowly eased into reality after a good dose of whispered vocals which bring this release to a complete catharsis in a very masterful way.

As a whole, “Open Roads” is one very unique and well crafted release. There is plenty of atmosphere and little intricate details that carve out a very diverse and engaging musical experience thanks to the additional string instruments and vocals used. If you like Chrome Waves and want something darker and Goth-ier, look no further and check out Deeper Graves.

Band: Deeper Graves Album: Open Roads

Label: Disorder Recordings

Release: July 3rd, 2020

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Genre: Alternative/ Post-punk / Shoegaze

Country: USA

Rating: 91/100

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