Aleah - Aleah (2020)


Marking the final release of Aleah Starbridge musical legacy, this double album delivers over 85 minutes of her enchanting vocals and captivating music. Having passed away too soon, her musical legacy has been recently honored with the Trees of Eternity’s “Hour of The Nightingale” release, and with this release featuring nine acoustic tracks and six additional songs that highlight her range and wide musical interests and influences.

The release starts with the somber “Vapour”, and it slowly eases into the magic of “Sacrifice”, both songs showcase Aleah’s soothing vocals and a very dark and eerily sad mood. Many of these songs are taken from her demo, but here they sound amazing and create a very somber atmosphere as “My Will” and “Breathe” sound completely different and bleaker in the acoustic version. Thanks to the simple musical core, these songs allow the vocals to be in full attention and drive the listener’s mood with every single word.

The second disc features a lively and more Dead Can Dance-ish tone with non-acoustic tracks, like “My Will” and “Inverted Enlightenment”, with their lush and trippy atmospherics, and the harrowing “Sacrifice” with Anilah on guest vocals. The Goth-ish vibe of “The Tower” makes it our favorite song in this disc, as it nicely develops warm atmospheric elements with simple beats and lush vocals. Ending on a high-note, the ethereal vocal/synth arrangements of “Breathe” create a very chilling and powerful effect that is hard to separate from the somber celebration of this release.

Overall, Aleah’s self-titled release is an emotional rollercoaster. Her angelic vocals will transcend time and space with such powerful renditions of her songs. If you are looking to pay tribute to a great artist and also be utterly depressed, this release will take you there. We are glad that more people will be exposed to such talent and beautiful music, with this double album.

Band: Aleah Album: Aleah

Label: Svart Records

Release: July 1st, 2020

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Genre: Dark Folk / Alternative

Country: South Africa/Finland

Rating: 92/100

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