Eisregen - Leblos (2020)


As one of our favorite bands, and very hated by our friends, Eisregen is one of those bands that plays on their bizarre lyrics and funky music to deliver high-octane intensity filled songs with interesting arrangements and a good dose of melody. The band’s sound is quite an amalgamation of Gothic/Death/Black/Dark Metal, which is the core strength of “Leblos”, a very diverse and powerful double album. If you like weird music, this is certainly going to be of your liking.

Starting with the playful “Ruhet sanft”, the band leads with a Lacrimosa-meets-Bethlehem sound and a very engaging and unique opener. As “Pechschwarz” and “Erstschlag” roll by, we get the harsh intensity of the band with incisive guitars, devilish vocals and overall catchiness that the band has been cranking out for the past 10 years. Losing Dr. Franzenstein from their line-up a few years back has not slowed down the band’s funky synths and keyboards as tracks like “1000 Jahre Nacht”, “Wangenrot”, and the amazing title track heavily deliver on the atmospheric side.

The band’s playful funkiness of songs like “Schlachtraum” and “Mein Leichenwerk” is exactly what we love about the band: perfectly arranged atmospheric elements, chaotic pace, and overall sinister vibe to their music. The second disc delivers some of the band’s signature circus-like antics on tracks like “Deutsches Bierlied”, “Wenn es draußen dunkel wird”, and “Grünes Herz”, which mix traditional German music influences into the band’s universe.

Overall, “Leblos” is one of the bands most blended and intense efforts in the last few years. We are quite surprised how Eisregen has managed to stay under everybody’s radar outside of Germany, but it might be due to all the lyrics being only in German. If you like bizarre heavy music, this is the perfect band for you. The band’s explosive music very nicely translates to the stages as Blutkehle is one hell of an intense frontman.

Band: Eisregen Album: Leblos

Label: Massacre Records

Release: June 19th, 2020

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Genre: Gothic/Black/Death/Dark Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 93/100

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