Flagg - Nothing But Death (2020)


Delivering a swift and brutal onslaught of raw-ish Black Metal, today we have Finland’s Flagg and their killer release “Nothing But Death”. Perfectly mixing old-school savagery with funky atmospherics, create a very Tartaros, (early) Emperor-esque mixture that is quite punishing and totally enjoyable. For over 32 minutes we were taken to the early days of the genre, when bands wanted to be super brutal but also started experimenting with atmosphere and melody.

The release quickly delivers a powerful blow with the piercing “Destroy, Desecrate” and its crushing bass guitar line, mixed in with funky synths and hellish vocals. The band’s blistering pace perfectly enacts violence while more melodic passages allow for some respite amongst the chaos, as heard on “Nothing but Death”. Opting for a more tempered and darker vibe, “Dark Clouds Gathering” fully unleashes the band’s hate thanks to its incisive guitars and sinister tempo.

We particularly like the all-out-war chaos and brutality of crushingly aggressive passages of songs like “Burning Sky” and our favorite “Abomination”. There is just certain magic of the buzz-saw sounding guitars paired with gaudy old-school synths that just gets our blood boiling and our head banging. The drumming in this release is top notch, with pieces like “Apex Predator” and “Last Breath Drawn” delivering some crafty and perfectly executed intense drum patterns.

Perfectly crafted for nostalgic fans of high-octane, dirty-but-crafty, old-school melodic/sympho Black Metal from the 90’s, this release delivers intensity and atmosphere galore. Crafting their own style while paying homage to the genre’s greats is one difficult task and Flagg manages to do that flawlessly. If you like intense and crushing BM with a good melodic edge, look no further and get a copy of this release.

Band: Flagg Album: Nothing But Death

Label: Purity Through Fire

Release: June 8th, 2020

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 90/100

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