Alestorm - Curse of the Crystal Coconut (2020)


Unleashing an all-out pirate party, today we have Alestorm and their sixth full-length release “Curse of the Crystal Coconut”. Keeping their lively style nearly untouched since their inception, the band continues to deliver their signature playfulness and epic melodies that have captivated the masses for years. Clocking in at 45 minutes, this release gives you more Alestorm in a more bombastic and engaging way than ever before.

Opening with the hilarious “Treasure Chest Party Quest”, Christopher Bowes leads his crew with his signature playful lyrics and his legendary keytar skills. This very lighthearted opener features the band’s staples and a nod to more folky/instrumental elements making the song quite enjoyable. The band’s typical intensity will get you bopping as soon as “Fannybaws” and “Chomp Chomp” deliver their catchy chorus sections and the later unleashes dramatic guitar leads.

For those liking the band’s playful and dorky side, “Tortuga” is one of those weird but hilarious songs that is completely hilarious and with a few excellent surprises. As you navigate tales of woe and wonder like “Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship”, “Call of the Waves”, and “Pirate's Scorn”, we find ourselves constantly smiling and laughing as to how ridiculous some of the lyrics are, but still in awe as how catchy and engaging the band’s music is. Those looking for designated drinking anthems, “Pirate Metal Drinking Crew” is set to be the one in this release. The most ambitious and different track in this release is the 8-minute “Wooden Leg Part 2 (The Woodening)” with a fantasy/sci-fi edge thanks to awesome synths/keyboards. This track is our favorite due to the fact that it’s duration allows it to better develop its story and feature truly epic passages.

As the release winds down with “Henry Martin”, we are left quite satisfied by Alestorm's no-bullshit formula that needs no tweaking. The band’s music is as funny and engaging as before, with an even better production. “Curse of the Crystal Coconut” is one hell of an entertaining release filled with epic pirate adventures, low-brow humor, and the same brilliant shenanigans from the band.

Band: Alestorm Album: Curse of the Crystal Coconut

Label: Napalm Records

Release: May 29th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Pirate Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 94/100

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