A Light in the Dark - Insomnia (2020)


Unleashing one of the most melancholic releases of 2020, today we have Russia’s one-man project A Light in the Dark and his latest full-length release “Insomnia”. Featuring over 45 minutes of completely enchanting music, this release is perfectly crafted for fans of Alcest, Lantlôs, Heretoir and Amesoeurs. Oozing melody and dreaminess since the first minute, this is one hell of an ethereal release.

The album opens with the very lively and dynamic “Aimless”, a song that has a certain Harakiri For the Sky edge as it delivers very poignant guitars and harsh vocals. Shifting the pace more into the Post-Metal/Blackgaze lands, “Let it Guide You” delivers sweeping atmospheric passages and interesting electronic elements thrown into the mix. Both “Vortex” and “四” take thing into more depressive rock territories with a similar approach to Violet Cold and their use of samples for extra ambiance.

Our favorite track in this release is the glorious title track and its sweeping guitar work. This is the most Alcest-like song, but certainly with the band’s unique elements that allow them to move away from copycats while delivering their own signature sound. For those looking for extra melancholy, yes it is possible, “Fragments” is a very powerful track with lush atmospherics and crafty vocal arrangements.

Never wanting this release to be over, A Light in the Dark closes strong with the trippy “On My Own” and the incisive “Her Footprints in the Snow”. While there is an overall ‘similar’ atmospheric vibe to all tracks, each delivers their own unique elements to create a signature sound while not being too repetitive or dull. If you are into dreamy shoegazy music, “Insomnia” is one of those releases that can’t be missing in your collection.

Band: A Light in the Dark Album: Insomnia

Label: Flowing Downward

Release: February 7th, 2020

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Genre: Atmospheric Shoegaze/Post-Metal

Country: Russia

Rating: 96/100

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