Centinex - Death In Pieces (2020)


Keeping the Swedish Death Metal flag flying high, today we have another gargantuan release from legendary Centinex titled “Death In Pieces”. While the band went through a full line-up change before this album, Martin Schulman has pulled together a great cast and delivers the goods in the ten songs unleashed in this release. If you like older Grave, Entombed, and the usual Swedish suspects, this album will certainly bring back some good memories.

As the horns blow on the opening track “Only Death Remains”, we are instantly transported to the 90’s with the band’s timeless sound. In your face drumming and crafty riffs are just what the doctor ordered as tracks like “Derelict Souls” and “God Ends Here” continue to flow as an initial blast of energy. The band does not fuck around, and their craftiness is clearly demonstrated with the superbly catchy and traditional chugging riffs of “Tomb of the Dead”, one of our favorite tracks.

Both “Human Torch” and “Pieces” have that certain cavernous Swedish DM that we all love, but the riffing and throbbing bass guitar line of the later song really separates copy cats from legendary bands such as this one. If by the time “Cauterized” and “Beyond the Dark” hit, you haven’t been moshing, then we believe it is time for your ears to get cleaned. The band effortlessly crafts hard hitting tracks one after the other filled with nostalgia and that grittiness of old-school Swedish DM.

Overall, “Death in Pieces” is yet another crushing Centinex release. For the fans of the genre, this will be a welcomed addition, fans of more modern music might find this a bit linear and dull, but it does not present to be anything else other than pure Swedish DM worship. If you have headbanged to the band before, prepare for a sore neck with this one.

Band: Centinex Album: Death In Pieces

Label: Agonia Records

Release: May 29th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 94/100

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