Asofy - Amusia (2020)


As one of the most fitting soundtracks for weird times, today we have Asofy’s latest release “Amusia”, which takes the listener into a highly experimental and chaotic journey. For nearly an hour, the listener gets transported into this one-man outfit’s world, filled with abstract textures and a highly melancholic atmosphere. If you like weird, this is one of the weirdest (and yet good) of 2020.

Opening with the moody “Agnosia”, we get some Jazzy glimpses with crafty percussions, subtle guitars and trippy vocals. The song feels very free flowing as it progresses between different moods. Continuing with the captivating “Palinodia”, we get a darker and more moody side of the band with minimalist arrangements and very eerie atmospherics. For those looking into heavier and creepier sounds, the album title track has a good kick as it eases into the harrowing madness of “Residuo”.

The madness continues flowing with the faster paced “Alterazione” and its harsh screams, creating a very dissonant combination of calmness and aggression. Our favorite tracks are the improvisational and somewhat jazzy “Distonia” and “Allucinazione”, with this later one having an intoxicating bass guitar line and a certain Post-Rock-ish vibe.

Closing with “Ricordo”, this one-man outfit leaves in a very moody way. As a whole, “Amusia” is a truly unique aural experience that needs more than a few spins to be fully digested. There is nothing really straightforward or dull about this album and this is its biggest strength. If you want to be challenged and transported, Asofy is one of those bands to discover.

Band: Asofy Album: Amusia

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: May 15th, 2020

Homepage Bandcamp

Genre: Experimental Doom/Black Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 92/100

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