Bombs of Hades - Phantom Bell (2020)


Led by Jonas Stålhammar of At the Gates fame, today we have Bombs of Hades and their short-but-sweet EP “Phantom Bell”. Released as a teaser before the band records their next full-length release, the listener is treated to four tracks, two of them covers, and 16 minutes of music. With a Crusty Death Metal sound, this album is a nice warm-up but it feels a bit too short, as we are always caught off-guard when the next release one our playlists sneaks up on us.

Opening with the title track, we get a furious guitar onslaught that quickly escalates with fast drumming and a moshing vibe. The guitar leads in this song give us a certain retro/crusty edge that we don’t typically find in our playlist. “Bridge of Sighs” is more settled as the crunchy guitars lead way to a very catchy vibe. The climax portion of this track is very impressive and nicely developed, firing up guitar solos and atmospheric elements.

With a psychedelic feeling, “Kamikaze” is our favorite track thanks to its funky tempo changes and playful vocal arrangements. As the release closes with the pouncing “Lungs”, we are quite content with how this release keeps fans of the band satisfied until the next one, and new listeners are treated to a solid album.

Band: Bombs of Hades Album: Phantom Bell

Label: Black Lodge Records

Release: April 18th, 2020

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Genre: Death/Crust Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 85/100

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