Nicumo - Inertia (2020)


Unleashing one of the catchiest Melodic/Gothic Metal/Rock releases of 2020, today we have Finland’s Nicumo and their latest release “Inertia”. With a sound very reminiscent of bands like To/Die/For, H.I.M and even The Man Eating Tree, this band brings back a sound that has slowly been dying and delivers nine superb tracks for the nostalgia fans of emotional and catchy music of the mid 2000’s.

The album kicks off with the soaring vocals of “Three Pyres”, a very subtle track that showcases the band’s influences from both the Metal and Rock scenes. The mixture of vocal styles and excellent guitars make for a very catchy and engaging opening song. With a very well defined formula, the band delivers superbly catchy songs like “Dark Rivers”, “Witch Hunt” and its epic chorus section, and the moody “Tree of Life”. For those looking for more mellow and introspective pieces, “Same Blood” has that ballad-esque edge, similar to bands like (late) Lacrimas Profundere.

Avoiding one of the major pitfalls of similar releases, “Inertia” mixes things up between songs and never feels linear and dragging. Tracks like “Who You Are” and “Time Won’t Heal” show how the band’s core sound is present while they are quite different and approach the listener from different angles. Closing with the melancholic “Black Wolf”, we are left quite impressed by the quality of Nicumo’s music.

Overall, “Inertia” is one of those releases that features tons of different elements and influences, all blended together very effectively in a very cohesive way. Standing out from the countless Finnish bands is hard to do and Nicumo manages to shine bright. If you are looking for mid 2000’s Gothic Rock/Metal with heavier undertones, be sure to check out this excellent release.

Band: Nicumo Album: Inertia

Label: Inverse Records

Release: March 27th, 2020

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Genre: Melodic/Gothic Metal/Rock

Country: Finland

Rating: 92/100

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