Bythos - The Womb of Zero (2020)


Hailing from Finland and featuring members of Horna, Behexen and Ajattara, we instantly expected “The Womb of Zero” to be a furiously crushing Black Metal release and we got more than what we bargained for. While the BM elements and influences are there, the heavy melodic and Doomy prevail in this release to craft a very unique and completely unexpected sound. Delivering perfectly balanced songs, this release shows a very unique and different side of the band members involved.

The album instantly crafts a very sinister atmosphere with the devilish riffs of “Black Labyrinth”. Here is also where you notice that the tempo is a bit slower than expected, as it creates a very cavernous and crushing vibe. The harsh vocals are perfectly blended into melodic and at times Doomy riffs as the opener song fades into the dramatic guitar leads of “When Gold Turns into Lead”. If you start listening to the album on this track, you would be confused as it has a certain old-school Katatonia/October Tide vibe.

Back in more familiar territory, “Sorath the Opposer” and “Call of the Burning Blood” deliver the BM goods with blistering drums and a crushing start. With a more metallic and, again, a mellower edge, “Omega Dragon” has a certain Satyricon vibe thanks to its clean vocals and melodic nature. The best song in this release has to be the hypnotizing “Hymn to Lucifer” and its bone-chilling vocal arrangements. Definitely one of those songs that makes your skin crawl.

The release closes in style with the dominating riffs of “Luciferian Dawn”, a mid-tempo song that oozes evilness. The overall production of “The Womb of Zero” is just amazing, allowing every cymbal to be clearly heard. As for the band’s sound, Bythos unleashes a very melodic and centered Black Metal with a certain ritualistic and enigmatic vibe to it. With more focus on refined brutality, this release is definitely one of the best in the genre for 2020.

Band: Bythos Album: The Womb of Zero

Label: Terratur Possessions

Release: April 24th, 2020

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 96/100

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