Ayyur - Balkarnin (2020)


It is not every day that we get a release from Tunisia, and it is even less common that it is actually pretty good. Today we have Ayyur with their highly atmospheric and experimental Black Metal unleashing their two-song EP “Balkarnin”. With a knack for cavernous atmospheres and punishingly slow riffs, this release is one strong introduction to this very promising band.

The EP sets a very hypnotic mood with the slow riffs of “I”, combining them with harsh vocals and a certain Doom vibe. As the guitar leads develop into an atmospheric interlude, the band creates a commanding atmosphere that is both bone chilling and dense. Without much flair or additional elements the rudimentary rawness of the band’s sound is quite direct and effective.

The second track, “II”, takes a more active approach with faster drumming and riffs paired with Angra Mainyu snarls, creating an evil Black Metal aura. In contrast to the first piece, this song shows the band’s versatility and ability to transition to more active territories while maintaining their intricate atmospherics. We enjoyed the song's progression as it nicely climaxes and smooths out its closing with more dissonant guitars and atmospheric elements.

As a short EP, “Belkarnin” is a very interesting presentation card for Ayyur. The band’s sound is both highly atmospheric and captivating. We are quite interested to hear how they evolve in the future and if their formula works in a longer duration format. If you are into atmospheric Black Metal with some experimental elements, be sure to give them a try and pick up a copy of this release on tape at their bandcamp page.

Band: Ayyur Album: Balkarnin

Label: Queen Records (US) and Bad Moon Rising (TW)

Release: March 27th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Atmospheric/Experimental Black Metal

Country: Tunnisia

Rating: 85/100

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