Myth of I - Myth of I (2020)


After receiving tons of Black and Death Metal releases in the last few weeks, it is quite refreshing to get something completely different in Myth of I’s self-titled debut release. Featuring a very improvisational and fluid approach to songwriting, the band unleashes nearly 50 minutes of highly technical instrumental Metal music. Ranging from Progressive Metal to Technical Death Metal (minus the vocals), this release perfectly blends a wide gamut of styles under a cohesive and catchy umbrella.

Opening with a dreamy intro, the album gets in full swing with the fabulous “The Illustrator” and its crafty guitar wizardry. Full of tempo changes and intricate drum patterns, this release perfectly leads to heavier and more experimental pieces like “Cherophobia” and “Obsidian Vale”. Doing away with traditional song structures, the tracks in this release flow freely weaving back and forth between proggy influences and heavier counterparts.

The mesmerizing “Glass Castles” is definitely our favorite track, as it creates killer tension between the intricate guitar work, pulsating bass guitar line and hyper crafty drums. For those craving a jazzier edge to things, “Needlepoint” will satisfy your needs, while “Kodama” gives us that Post-Rock-ish vibe that others love. As you can imagine from reading this, this album has a bit of everything for everybody, thanks to the extreme musical abilities of the band members and their unrivaled ability to stitch genres and elements seamlessly together.

As a whole, Myth of I has managed to unleash one of the most unique and technically proficient releases of 2020. While it comes as no surprise that the band was formed at the Berklee College of Music, their instrument skills perfectly complement each other to deliver cohesively awesome music. If you are on the fence about buying ‘another musical prodigy wankery’ release, be warned that this is far from it as it never feels like the band is just showing off, but rather having fun delivering highly complex songs.

Band: Myth of I Album: Myth of I

Label: The Artisan Era

Release: April 10th, 2020

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Genre: Technical/Instrumental Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 92/100

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