Hexvessel - Kindred (2020)


Unleashing a superbly crafted and somber Dark/Psych/Blues/Doom release, today we have Finland’s Hexvessel with “Kindred”. Finally settling into a sound that incorporates the eerie atmospherics and instrumentation of their earlier works and the warm and fuzzy psych/blues elements of their later material, the band delivers nearly 40 minutes of mystical music. Be prepared for a uniquely relaxing and enchanting aural journey with this one.

The release opens with the enigmatic “Billion Year Old Being”, treating the listener to fuzzy Psych guitars and very hypnotic vocal harmonies. The retro vibe in the opener is nicely followed by the bluesy “Demian”, a very intoxicating track with subtle instrumental arrangements, trippy guitar leads, and perfectly voiced by Mat McNerney. For those looking to lose themselves in the band's folky atmospheric side, “Fire of the Mind” and “Bog Bodies” are two chilling campfire songs that swiftly change the mood of the release.

The second part of the release turns a lot darker and more apocalyptic, with the instrumental “Sic Luceat Lux” and the ritualistic “Phaedra”. This last track is one of our favorite tracks in the album as it brings back memories of their “Dawnbearer” days. Continuing with their mellower side, “Kindred Moon” and “Magical & Damned” have a magical Dead Can Dance/Nick Cave vibe but with the band’s signature dark folk sound.

As the release closes with the chilling “Joy of Sacrifice”, we are left reeling with the quality of this release. Hexvessel manages to continually improve and refine their sound while keeping all their atmospherics and lush instrumentation elements intact over the years. In “Kindred” the band crafted one hell of a delicate, somber, and relaxing release that creates a very unique mystical vibe, unlike any other album we have heard in 2020.

Band: Hexvessel Album: Kindred

Label: Svart Records

Release: April 17th, 2020

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Genre: Dark/Psychedelic Folk/Rock

Country: Finland

Rating: 93/100

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