Cénotaphe - Monte Verità (2020)


The French Black Metal age of enlightenment of the last few years is real and bands like Cénotaphe are a testament to this. On their latest full-length release, “Monte Verità”, the band treats us with over 46 minutes of relentless onslaughts of brutality with a somber vibe and a retro production. For fans of bands like Absu, Carpathian Forest and Ragnarok, this release will rattle your speakers with furious gusto.

With a creepy retro intro and a very raw and visceral production, “Myosis” leads the way with furious riffs and hyper-fast drumming. Vocalist Khaosgott delivers that kind of punishing raspy shrieks performance that adds an extra level of raw brutality to the music, as we hear on “Aux cieux antérieurs” and the furious “L'oeuf de mammon”. Our favorite track has to be the brilliant “De mon promontoire astral” and its melodic and mystical edge thanks to additional vocal arrangements, making it super eerie.

Playing all instruments, Fog creates very unique musical progressions from direct and in your face tracks like “Intolérante thébaide”, to more the elaborate and crafty melodies of “Ne m'oubliez”. For those of us that like cavernous and filled with hopelessness atmospheres, “Emersion” creates a very uniquely decadent vibe while the pummeling tremolo picking is offset by hellish vocals. “Monte Verità” closes the release in style with more ravaging riffing and eerie vocal arrangements, giving the track a regal atmospheric vibe.

Overall, “Monte Verità” is one hell of a release from a very promising young band. The duo behind Cénotaphe perfectly balances the traditional brutality of Black Metal with lush arrangements to create demonically eerie atmospheres. If you are looking for a perfect mixture of old-school vibe and production with new ideas and a hefty dose of brutality, this is the release for you.

Band: Cénotaphe Album: Monte Verità

Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions

Release: March 10th, 2020

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 92/100

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