Grieve - Grieve (2020)


Hailing from Finland, today we have yet another crushingly frosty Black Metal outfit with Grieve. With no social media, or even internet presence for that matter, Werewolf productions unleashes to a wider audience the bands debut recording. For those that can’t get enough of the nostalgic 90’s Black Metal from bands like Vargrav and Faustian Pact, this 12” release will give you an extra fix.

Taking the listener to the past with their cavernous sound, the band quickly unravels the brutality of “Spiteful Scourge”. In this track the mood seems to be quite straightforward until the tempo changes and eerie clean vocals add an extra mysterious vibe to the song, similar to Ancient’s “Cainian Chronicle”. The dreamy atmospheric keyboards nicely add that extra ethereal touch to the band’s already ravaging sound.

Bringing back memories of the days we listened to bootleg European BM tapes with our friends, “Lohduton” delivers a very melodic and yet violent melody that is perfect for headbanging. The misery inducing riffing paired with the crafty drums creates a very brutal aural cacophony of destruction. While both songs in this release are excellent, this track is the one that shows the most versatility and conviction.

Overall, Grieve has managed to deliver one hell of a debut recording and thankfully it is getting the promotion it deserves with Werewolf Productions. If you are like us, a BM nostalgic from the 90’s days, this release is right around your alley. If you just want furious riffing and massive headbanging passages, this release is also perfect for you.

Band: Grieve Album: Grieve

Label: Werewolf Productions

Release: April 3rd, 2020

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Genre: Post-Black Metal

Country: Austria

Rating: 93/100

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