Telepathy - Burn Embrace (2020)


Perfectly combining Post-Rock with Sludge Metal influences, today we have UK’s Telepathy and their third full-length release “Burn Embrace”. Creating a cinematic aura with their instrumental music, this outfit delivers over 40 minutes of melancholy. Highly recommended for fans of bands like Mono and The Ocean, this band creates a very unique middle point between those two bands with their expansive style.

Opening with the darkness of “Eternal Silence”, the band creates a very mysterious and yet intoxicating atmosphere. The band’s heavier side comes into light with the relentless guitars and drums of “Aonaran”, creating a more dynamic and textured atmosphere. The band hits their stride with the crafty “Black Earth” and show their Sludginess on the Amenra-esque “Pariah”, both different and yet very engaging tracks.

In a more improvisational/exploratory manner, “The void in Aimless Flight” perfectly blends the band’s musical influences into a cohesive and cathartic song that is full of exciting tempo changes and heavy riffs. The album closer is the only track to feature vocals and shows a very interesting side to the band, as the mixture of harsh and clean vocals beautifully adorn a very emotive and dreamy song/. The band surely leaves the listeners on a high note with this piece.

Overall, “Burn Embrace” is one very powerful release filled with interesting ideas cohesively intertwined to create 7 lush songs. If you are a fan of Post-Rock music but always wished that things got a bit heavier at times, Telepathy is the band for you. Paired with a top notch production and masterful songwriting skills, this release is definitely one of the best in the genre(s) in 2020.

Band: Telepathy Album: Burn Embrace

Label: Svart Records

Release: March 27th, 2020

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Genre: Post-Rock / Sludge Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 93/100

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