Häxanu - Snare of All Salvation (2020)


From the endless creativity of Alex Poole, today we have the ravaging Black Metal outfit called Häxanu. Focusing on brutality and atmosphere, this band delivers over 44 minutes of relentless music in “Snare of All Salvation”. Very few debut releases have the quality and teeth that this one has, so if you are a BM connoisseur, this is an album you cannot miss.

After setting a very mysterious mood with the intro, “Materia Prima” delivers dramatic atmospheric keyboards and waves of pummeling riffs. This track, while basic in nature, it is quite brutal and effective. Vocalist’s L.C. shrieks are quite ravaging and perfectly fit the intensity and brutality of the music. Both “Sulfur, Salt, Mercury” and “Smaragdina” show a more melodic side of the band, with brilliant headbanging passages crafted by tight drumming and crushing riffing.

After the mystical “Anima Mundi”, with more atmospheric and experimental undertones, the album’s crown jewel has to be the devastating 17-minute title track. This song brilliantly weaves back and forth between aural violence and atmospheric mystery. Never revealing itself too early, the build up and craftiness on the tempo changes makes for a very interesting and hypnotic experience. We are particularly left completely intoxicated with the last few minutes of this masterpiece.

Overall, “Snare of All Salvation” shows a very unique side of Alex Poole and his limitless musical skills. The songs are nicely refined and very well developed, while the production allows them to sound perfectly with all instruments brilliantly mixed. If you are looking for Black Metal that deviates from the norm, Häxanu is a band that you should keep an eye, and ear, out for.

Band: Häxanu Album: Snare of All Salvation

Label: Amor Fati

Release: April 1st, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 91/100

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