Burning Witches - Dance with the Devil (2020)


Creating quite a stir in the Metal world since their inception in 2015, Burning Witches are a Heavy/Power Metal band unlike no other. Formed by five lovely women, this band kicks some serious ass thanks to their high-octane no-holds-barred music filled with catchiness and technical proficiency. Easily compared to the likes of Judas Priest, Helloween, Stratovarius, etc., this outfit is here to have you headbanging from the nearly one hour duration of this crushing album.

After the traditional intro piece, “Lucid Nightmare” sets a furious pace with dueling guitars, hyper-crafty drumming, and the soaring vocals of new singer Laura Guldemond. If this intense opener was not enough, the shredding on “Dance with the Devil” creates an epic opening to a superbly melodic track filled with expert craftsmanship and an intense hard-rocking attitude. Sending shivers through the listener’s spines, “Wings of Steel” and its epic chorus section reminds us of bands like Iron Maiden.

Balancing their traditional Heavy Metal influences with more dynamic Power Metal passages and even some Thrash Metal elements, songs like “Six Feet Underground” and “Sea of Lies” have a certain Testament-meets-Queensrÿche vibe. However, the band has their own unique signature style as each track brings forth their intensity and technical proficiency, packaged in one hell of a musical journey like the brilliant “The Sisters of Fate” and it’s retro vibe.

With a bit of something for everybody, the band has managed to create some heavy hitting songs like “The Final Night” and the epic “Battle Hymn” with Ross The Boss and Michael Lepond. If you are looking for an intense musical experience filled with passion and raw power, “Dance with the Devil” is one of those Heavy Metal releases that brings back memories from the earlier days of the genre and frames them in a more contemporary and polished context.

Band: Burning Witches Album: Dance with the Devil

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: March 6th, 2020

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Genre: Heavy/Power Metal

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 91/100

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