Lychgate - Also sprach Futura (2020)


Unleashing a truly unique level of aural abuse, today we have UK’s Lychgate and their new label debut EP “Also sprach Futura”. If you think you have heard weird stuff before, this release will re-define the concept for you. Featuring four tracks of pure madness, this band combines elements from Doom/Jazz/Progressive/Brutal Death Metal, and pretty much everything else into an amalgamation of sonic abusive tracks.

The release opens with the cirquesque “Incarnate”, incorporating brutal guitar riffs with chaotic tempo changes and funky organ/mellotron atmospherics. Taking this track over the top are the throat singing moments that just add more confusion and madness between the Black Metal-ish harshness and funky atmospherics. Things settle down a bit on the interesting “Progeny of the Singularity”, where the band starts with brutal onslaughts and slowly evolves into an eerie sickening atmospheric passage , just as the brutality returns to close this magically weird piece.

Dialing back the randomness of the first two tracks, “Simulacrum” creates a very cavernous atmosphere with oppressive guitars intermingled with more experimental/jazzy elements. This track gives us a certain Ephel Duath vibe but with a more sinister and playful tone. Our favorite track is the brilliant “Vanity Ablaze”, the perfect combination of funky melodic and atmospheric elements mixed in with solid clean vocals and a crafty drum/guitar core.

Lychgate’s ability to craft some of the most intricate and yet accessible chaotic songs we have heard in quite a while is unrivaled. The band’s craft is highly refined and guaranteed to have a high replay value as every time we listen to this EP we discover new little elements that we didn’t hear before. If you like melancholic, brutal, and chaotic Metal music, this is one release you should not miss out on.

Band: Lychgate Album: Also sprach Futura

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Release: March 13th, 2020

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Genre: Avant-garde Doom/Black Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 92/100

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