Clouds - Durere (2020)


As one of our favorite bands, Clouds delivers one of the most melancholic and depressive brands of Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal ever created. With “Durere”, the band’s mastermind, Daniel Neagoe, continues to explore the process of grief and loss in seven tracks and nearly one hour of soul crushing music. Never disappointing, the tracks in this release are filled with grief and despair perfectly translated into musical notes.

The album opens with solemn acoustic guitars and clean vocals in “Cold Guiding Light”, just before switching gears into ravaging growls and mournful violin arrangements. This track slowly erodes at the listener’s psyche with dramatic atmospherics. “Empty Hearts” continues the misery with distant weeping guitars and melancholic vocals. The band’s signature contrast between crushing riffs and growls with more mellow passages is very effectively delivered in this track.

With a dreamier and more ethereal atmosphere, “Images and Memories” is one lush track that combines angelic female vocals with very minimalist drums and just enough brutality to deliver its message. Featuring beautiful atmospheric passages, “Above the Sea” and “The Sailor Waves Goodbye” both create very intricate atmospheres that are nicely juxtaposed with harsh growls and punishing guitars.

All tracks in this release feel deep and personal, but “A Father’s Death” has a certain heightened feeling of grief as the slow growls perfectly bleed into the violins and are flanked by dreamy female vocals. The addition of new musical collaborators takes this release to new heights as it combines new elements into an already quite effective mix.

Closing the pummeling “The End of Hope”, we are left in distress from such an emotionally charged album that is both personal and inviting. If you have never heard of Clouds, this should be the best introduction you can get. If you are a fan, this release will be an excellent addition to an already impressive discography filled with melancholy, decadence and sorrow.

Band: Clouds Album: Durere

Label: Self-Released / The Vinyl Division (physical)

Release: March 2nd, 2020 (digital) / April 27th, 2020 (physical)

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Genre: Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal

Country: International

Rating: 95/100

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