Serpent Noir - Death Clan OD (2020)


Hailing from Greece, today we have yet another crushing Black Metal band to come out of World Terror Committee’s label roster. With a very visceral and incisive sound, Serpent Noir sounds like BM, but not like everybody else does. Mixing elements from genre greats with a crystal clear production and a vicious passion, “Death Clan OD” is one hell of a pummeling release.

After the typical mood setting intro, the band wastes no time and delivers the cavernous “Cutting the Umbilical Cord of Hel”, a track filled with pummeling guitars and dramatic atmospherics. Taking a more melodic stance, “Hexcraft” delivers waves of hypnotic drum patterns, a throbbing bass guitar line and sinister vocals. The release turns into more mystical and ritualistic territories with the creepy “Asmodeus The Sword of Golachab”, one of the densest and most powerful tracks in this release.

Hitting the perfect balance between hyperfast blast-beats and more enigmatic and melodic passages, tracks like “Astaroth: The Jaws of Gha'Agsheblah” and “Necrobiological Chant Of Talas” show a very dynamic and engaging side to the band. The eeriest closing track we have heard in 2020 has to go to the creepy “GOEH RA REAH Garm Unchained”.

Leaving on a high note, “Death Clan OD” is truly a diabolically amazing release filled with interesting tempo changes and juxtaposed influences. If you like your Black Metal music to be more on the ritualistic side of things, similar to Nightbringer, then Serpent Noir will blow your mind and ear away with this brilliant release.

Band: Serpent Noir Album: Death Clan OD

Label: World Terror Committee

Release: February 7th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 92/100

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