Serenity - The Last Knight (2020)


Unleashing one of the most cinematic and lively releases of 2020, today we have Serenity and “The Last Knight”. Featuring over 47 minutes of high-octane over-the-top Symphonic Power Metal, this album is ready to rock all fans of the band and gain them some more. Slowly over the years the band has been refining their sound and as a well-oiled machine, this release showcases their best attributes delivered through eleven intense songs.

Setting a very regal mode with the album title track as the opener, we get the band’s lush arrangements leading into the explosive “Invictus”. Georg Neuhauser again delivers commanding lead vocals surrounded by dramatic choirs and killer guitar leads. This type of explosiveness as gained wide recognition to the band, and tracks like “Set the World on Fire” and “Keeper of the Knights” majestically demonstrate the band’s bombasticness.

Our favorite tracks have to be the melancholic “Souls and Sins” and “My Farewell” with its darker and more somber/ballad-esque edge to it. Thanks to the over-the-top orchestrations, the guitar leads and crafty drums are allowed to shine on all tracks, but most specifically in “Queen of Avalon” and “Down to Hell”. For those looking for a LARPing anthem, “Wings of Pride” has that medieval Power Metal edge to it, making it quite engaging and exciting.

Closing with “Call to Arms”, the band leaves the release on a high note. As a whole, “The Last Knight” is definitely a solid album that greatly adds to the band’s legacy. On the downside, it is also more of the same formulaic Symphonic Power Metal that we are all used to. While there is nothing wrong with this, Serenity should probably be trying to evolve a bit more and be a bit less predictive. If you are expecting the band’s signature sound, you will definitely not be disappointed, if you want something a bit fresher, then you won’t be finding it here.

Band: Serenity Album: The Last Knight

Label: Napalm Records

Release: January 31st, 2020

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Genre: Symphonic Power Metal

Country: Austria

Rating: 85/100

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