Aethyrick - Gnosis (2020)


Unleashing one of the first 2020 contenders for Black Metal album of the year, today we have Finland’s mysterious duo with “Gnosis”. While most bands follow a marked path, Aethyrick brilliantly blends elements of traditional BM with more refined atmospheric/Post-BM influences with an overall punishing but melodic approach. Always keeping the listener engaged, this release features over 40 minutes of dramatic and high quality music.

Opening with the moody “Will Embodied”, Gall and Exile set a furious tone with blistering riffs and hellish drums, however it is the melancholic guitar leads and the overall oppressive atmosphere that sets the band apart. With certain influences of outfits like Vanum, Ash Borer and Post-Black Metal elements, the band’s style is quite refined and cut-throat as we can her in crushingly melodic tracks like “Oneiric Portals” and the heavily atmospheric “Stellar Flesh”.

The amalgamation of styles and crafty tempo changes are two things that Aethyrick excels at, producing some of the most devastating and yet melancholic tracks like “Your Mysteries” and piercing “Blood Acre”. We are suckers for dominant keyboards/synths and some of the band’s tracks perfectly employ them as a contrasting element, rather than the centerpiece of their sound. Unleashing a plethora of engaging riffs, we turn to less polished tracks like “Anointed Bones”, to discover the band’s raw and devastating core sound.

Closing with the moody “Golden Suffering”, this duo has managed to unleash one of the most diverse and engaging BM releases of this young 2020. With tons of old and new influences, Aethyrick crafts an exquisite diabolical sound that is hard to rival and brilliant to enjoy. If you are always looking for the evolution of Metal, “Gnosis” is definitely one of those steps forward.

Band: Aethyrick Album: Gnosis

Label: The Sinister Flame

Release: January 24th, 2020

Homepage Bandcamp

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 93/100

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