Unreqvited - Mosaic II: la déteste et la détresse (2020)


Just when you think you have a band figured out, Unreqvited continues to push its aural boundaries with the lush and brilliant “Mosaic II: la déteste et la détresse”. Taking the best elements of its earlier releases and adding more dynamic and contrasting ones, this one-man outfit manages to create a magical atmosphere that is quite hard to come out of. If you are into Atmospheric Post-Black Metal and you think you have heard it all, this release will change your opinion.

Opening with subtle atmospherics in “Nightfall”, the track slowly evolves into an excruciating passage to the bowels of hell thanks to its punishing shrieks. However, the music stays dreamy and ethereal, creating a very interesting and powerful contrast. With a heavier vibe, “Wasteland” continues spiraling into madness with dramatic guitar work and intricate drum patterns, creating a very visceral and yet melodic experience.

While “Pale” delves more in the band’s earlier works with lush and bombastic arrangements filled with harsh vocals and crafty guitars, “Disorder” takes a more futuristic and melodramatic vibe with playful trippy interludes and excellent tempo changes. Closing the release with the three-part track “Transience”, the band goes more experimental with a droney/atmospheric approach that is quite moody and engaging.

As a whole, “Mosaic II: la déteste et la détresse” is definitely another step up for Unreqvited. As one of the most productive artists in the scene, we continue to be impressed with the quality and maturity of his releases. While others deliver half-baked goods, this outfit is the real thing and you can always trust on getting moody and highly atmospheric compositions filled with magical elements to discover.

Band: Unreqvited Album: Mosaic II: la déteste et la détresse

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: January 10th, 2020

Homepage Bandcamp

Genre: Post-Black Metal / Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 91/100

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