Lotus Thief - Oresteia (2020)


Hailing from San Francisco, Lotus Thief has slowly been evolving into one unique and captivating musical outfit over the years. On their latest effort, “Oresteia”, the band takes their sound a step further by unleashing eight tracks of enigmatic Avantgarde Metal with tons of Doom and ambient influences. Highly recommended for people that like somber, exploratory and at the same type captivating music, this album will elevate your state of awareness with its uniqueness.

The release opens up with haunting vocal arrangements in “Agamemnon”, a very mystical track that slowly crafts an enigmatic atmosphere. Things get heavier as the melodic guitar leads give way to creepy piano laden passages. Being the first track, this song truly captures the uniqueness and intensity of what is to come. Allowing the listener to fully digest the first onslaught, “Banishment” is a trippy atmospheric piece that sets up the progression into the captivating “Libation Bearers”. The crescendos in this track are quite magical as the band perfectly creates magical soundscapes filled with harsh vocals and delirious laughs.

After some more eerie atmospherics, “The Furies” crafts a very ethereal opening with angelic female vocals as it progresses into Doomy greatness with incisive guitars and crafty drums. Never having a dull moment, the band perfectly navigates between moods and unleashes another brilliant example of their boundless creativity. Oozing melancholy, “Sister In Silence” is definitely the most intense track in this release. Weaving back and forth between hypnotic instrumentation, eerie female vocals, and furious violent onslaughts, this track is as epic as they come.

After the atmospheric closer, “The Kindly Ones”, we are more than eager to start the journey all over again. Lotus Thief delivers in “Oresteia” one of the finest examples of how to be creative and crafty when mixing elements from other genres. This release is both captivating and magnificently executed, setting the bar quite high for any future endeavors. If you like dark and somber soundscapes filled with unique tempo changes, look no further and get this release.

Band: Lotus Thief Album: Oresteia

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: January 10th, 2020

Homepage Bandcamp

Genre: Avantgarde Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 93/100

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