Sylvaine / Unreqvited - Time Without End (2020)


Featuring two of our favorite artists, this Sylvaine and Unreqvited EP kicks off our 2020 reviews with a bang. Showing a slightly different face of both artists, this release will submerge the listener into their ethereal realms while delivering over 25 minutes of dreamy music. If you are a fan of either, you can’t miss out on this very magical release.

Opening the EP we have Sylvaine with “No More Solitude”, an acoustic piece that is full of raw emotion and dramatic piano passages. With “Falling”, we get a darker and more solemn piece that is nicely adorned by Sylvaine’s dreamy vocals arrangements and minimalist guitars. Both tracks are devoid of Metal elements, showing a more fragile side of the artist.

Canadian one-man act, Unreqvited follows with “Interwoven”, a very dreamy and ethereal piece that nicely builds up with mesmerizing atmospherics and a very uplifting vibe. This track has a very liberating feel to it, and at some points it even reminded us of Alcest’s music. In a more traditional Unreqvited way, “Fields of Elysium” is crafted with dramatic orchestral arrangements and shoegazey guitars, making it quite an emotional rollercoaster.

Overall, “Time Without End” showcases two great artists in a slightly different light than their traditional endeavors. However, this does not mean that their signature styles are obscured, as they are always front and present in the four tracks presented in this release. If you are looking to start your year with a dreamy and emotionally raw release, this is the EP to buy.

Band: Sylvaine / Unreqvited Album: Time Without End

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: January 10th, 2020

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Genre: Atmospheric/Experimental

Country: Norway / Canada

Rating: 92/100

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